A small table-top bowl perhaps

Filled with collection of creatures

Owned by the SUPERIOR who just watches

As inferior turn on minors

In a bowl filled with life and death

Beauty and gore, rest and sweat

We the pets, prey on the weakest

Maybe, HE switches on an overhead lamp

And turns it off when HE goes to work

As he never sleeps nor slumber

Day to day we say as we celebrate murder rates

Once beautiful, now a place where mothers wail

HE waters this bowl to cool off the world’s rage

The troubles caused, turbulence and battles

We drift near the edge of the table

As we pay our wages for wars waged

So close to rolling off the platform

Be shattered to dust, our basic form

At the end, HE chooses the ones

Who acted like they were being watched but

HE’s waiting for those yet to realize how it works

It’s just one big bowl you’ll discover

If you just looked up into the night sky

And see it as a ceiling far off the bowl on the table

With the night bulb hanging off the ceiling

This bowl could be convenient for you and I if we could

Revolve around the bowl and appreciate the times spent in it


Save ME


It’s the seventh day and I’m still weak

With no music to awaken my soul

Like a Sabbath day, my heart’s been silent

Been void of the tithes I pay to my spirit

Continuous slipping has gotten me off my sole

Like broken strings, I lost my rhythm

But with your light, I’m assured I’ll find my plectrum

To bring to life the notes to trigger a taciturn wimp

And like a river, to bring to shore my touching pieces


Save me


bes=].jpgAlarm goes off, eyes still closed, you are all I see

You rule my imaginations, entail my fantasies

A full thick hair with the current of beach waves

Laying on your silk caramel brown skin

Partly covering your serene face from harsh rays

Eye lashes touching your perfectly smeared eyebrows

All in unity of beauty scheming around your eyes

Your grey desirous Almond shaped foxy eyes

Ears coated with thin strands of golden hair

Suspended beside your face of great pulchritude

Skin intimidating with overflowing melanin

Popping like a bubble gum right through my atmosphere

A finely chiselled scapula seldom seen around

Your pride and elegance knows no bound

As you take strides with shoulders in the skies

Like a lamp lights my path, your legs take turns in glorious strides

As they mind their steps down the runway

With your sea-horse curved back making your gait

Simply a target for baits

Slender and slithering, your curves surfs the ocean waves

Your radical beauty just radiates infrared rays

While you glow through my world and keep me warm

Alarm sets off on snooze, eyes open

Sights set on none but my dream, BEAUTY

-Prince Isy & Olivia (@authenticityspeakssite.wordpress.com)

Dear Girl

A girl it was, a day full of celebrations
With joy at heart, we basked in holy adulation

You grew with the WORD and moral values as songs

Dear girl, you set off for college with your colleagues

Innocent, pure, proud and a soul living with peace

Soon, adolescence walked through you and left you open

You became an alluring gazelle hitting high notes of the destruction poem

Your maturity knocked you immature like a nail

Severe hammering every seven days got you weak and pale

Dear girl, conceived, borne and born in stinging pains

You get lit with alcohol and flashlights, every Friday

Till your values and soul got consumed in flames

Karma is your name, going and coming around hotels

You belong to the world displaying ostensible assets

Dear girl, remember the five virgins who didn’t have their oils

Unlike them, you still have hope carefully wrapped in foil

Waiting to be picked up for your redemption, you can still be cured

Before the fate of the five foolish virgins snatches from you true Faith

-Prince Isy


caged bird.jpg

A creature generally characterised by ability of flight

With wonderfully tuned chirps resounding from great heights

Your feathers covered in elegant hues to yield true beauty

The sun radiates through your skin to give a rainbow

You hover with great magnitude over fears with an objective to glow

Till your ambitions were rocked out of the skies

You lost freedom to a door, your wings to locks and keys

A sparrow without its swinging and diving ways

An Eagle with a blurry vision and weak transcendence

Transformed into a pointless broad with no life promises

Every moment spent behind bars with no purpose

Finally presented with the opportunity to join the true Aves

For a second, no free food, stroking nor mock displays

You’d stay behind and enjoy more petting you thought

Forgetting your true identity, you competed with dogs

Staying in an enclosure, being fed in hanging cages off the floor

You emancipated your right to fight for survival

And stayed within the darkness which left your life for doom

-Prince Isy

Her Struggles

She had accepted a crown on her head

A man with whom she shared a bed

Little did she know about his intentions

All she wanted was for her to be cared for

With no time, she was blessed with two jewels

Through thick and thin she blessed her kids

With love, happiness, cloths, food and toys


Till she realised her crown might be a misfit

She was physically and emotionally abused

Clearly, he’s no good for her and she’s being used

She laughed through these hard times hoping they would pass

Sometimes, with tears she prayed and would even fast

From friends, family and the likes she got advices

With most emphasizing on her acting wise

“Don’t move” was Love’s words for her

She stuck around knowing it would get better

Without conscience he would get her battered

But as fate had it, she remained strong through the latter

Her kids grew up to become her glowing pupils

With no doubt, the most beautiful things she had in her sight

For once she had her happiness, joy and love doubled

And hoped they would protect her from her struggles

Prince Isy

It’s MAY


The future beholds

A remarkable belief

About reliefs under the tree of life

With hope, faith and love the branches and leaves

Prince Isy

Intellectual War

Lost in my head, a piece of me

Written in the past, conflicting

The struggling mind which has refused

To challenge the one who reigned

Memories of what was to come

Expected to be fulfilled by this one

Stuck in dismay

I beseeched the blooming hot prospect

Once deemed to be perfect

Only if a restart could be sought

Maybe a re-entrance I thought,

Into this stage called adulthood

Chances to make the right choices

The choice to take the few chances

Dear you, the past can’t be dwelled upon

But the past could be used as a weapon

To conflict wrong choices in the future

Which is a never ending stage until

‘Tis deemed as the end

-Prince Isy