Her Struggles

She had accepted a crown on her head

A man with whom she shared a bed

Little did she know about his intentions

All she wanted was for her to be cared for

With no time, she was blessed with two jewels

Through thick and thin she blessed her kids

With love, happiness, cloths, food and toys


Till she realised her crown might be a misfit

She was physically and emotionally abused

Clearly, he’s no good for her and she’s being used

She laughed through these hard times hoping they would pass

Sometimes, with tears she prayed and would even fast

From friends, family and the likes she got advices

With most emphasizing on her acting wise

“Don’t move” was Love’s words for her

She stuck around knowing it would get better

Without conscience he would get her battered

But as fate had it, she remained strong through the latter

Her kids grew up to become her glowing pupils

With no doubt, the most beautiful things she had in her sight

For once she had her happiness, joy and love doubled

And hoped they would protect her from her struggles

Prince Isy


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