caged bird.jpg

A creature generally characterised by ability of flight

With wonderfully tuned chirps resounding from great heights

Your feathers covered in elegant hues to yield true beauty

The sun radiates through your skin to give a rainbow

You hover with great magnitude over fears with an objective to glow

Till your ambitions were rocked out of the skies

You lost freedom to a door, your wings to locks and keys

A sparrow without its swinging and diving ways

An Eagle with a blurry vision and weak transcendence

Transformed into a pointless broad with no life promises

Every moment spent behind bars with no purpose

Finally presented with the opportunity to join the true Aves

For a second, no free food, stroking nor mock displays

You’d stay behind and enjoy more petting you thought

Forgetting your true identity, you competed with dogs

Staying in an enclosure, being fed in hanging cages off the floor

You emancipated your right to fight for survival

And stayed within the darkness which left your life for doom

-Prince Isy


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