Dear Girl

A girl it was, a day full of celebrations
With joy at heart, we basked in holy adulation

You grew with the WORD and moral values as songs

Dear girl, you set off for college with your colleagues

Innocent, pure, proud and a soul living with peace

Soon, adolescence walked through you and left you open

You became an alluring gazelle hitting high notes of the destruction poem

Your maturity knocked you immature like a nail

Severe hammering every seven days got you weak and pale

Dear girl, conceived, borne and born in stinging pains

You get lit with alcohol and flashlights, every Friday

Till your values and soul got consumed in flames

Karma is your name, going and coming around hotels

You belong to the world displaying ostensible assets

Dear girl, remember the five virgins who didn’t have their oils

Unlike them, you still have hope carefully wrapped in foil

Waiting to be picked up for your redemption, you can still be cured

Before the fate of the five foolish virgins snatches from you true Faith

-Prince Isy

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