bes=].jpgAlarm goes off, eyes still closed, you are all I see

You rule my imaginations, entail my fantasies

A full thick hair with the current of beach waves

Laying on your silk caramel brown skin

Partly covering your serene face from harsh rays

Eye lashes touching your perfectly smeared eyebrows

All in unity of beauty scheming around your eyes

Your grey desirous Almond shaped foxy eyes

Ears coated with thin strands of golden hair

Suspended beside your face of great pulchritude

Skin intimidating with overflowing melanin

Popping like a bubble gum right through my atmosphere

A finely chiselled scapula seldom seen around

Your pride and elegance knows no bound

As you take strides with shoulders in the skies

Like a lamp lights my path, your legs take turns in glorious strides

As they mind their steps down the runway

With your sea-horse curved back making your gait

Simply a target for baits

Slender and slithering, your curves surfs the ocean waves

Your radical beauty just radiates infrared rays

While you glow through my world and keep me warm

Alarm sets off on snooze, eyes open

Sights set on none but my dream, BEAUTY

-Prince Isy & Olivia (


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