Life’s Emissaries

life's emissaries.jpg

Babylon rained its rules but never stood

A phrase made with negative truth

Consequences and circumstances

Brothers who knock you off your stances

Chances are hard to come by

If only there were one that says come buy

We’d make the choice to purchase

Our feeling dreams to chase

Lemon was never made to be lemonade

But creativity begets serenade

People would knock your teeth off

Sour and bitter are distant cousins

But to make a life miserable they have in common

There is no point trying to work it out

If you ever stop believing it would work out



It’s been a long day of rest

If minutes counted as hours

I simply have been away from here

Due to other obligations and unexpected events

But I sincerely apologise to all my friends

And readers for my absence from the site

I’ve kept an eye on activities here while I was away

But it just got one eye better as I’m back to stay

Hoping to inspire and entertain as much as I can

Thank you for reading Unravelled Revelations

Cheers to the best period ever on this site.