Intellectual War

Lost in my head, a piece of me

Written in the past, conflicting

The struggling mind which has refused

To challenge the one who reigned

Memories of what was to come

Expected to be fulfilled by this one

Stuck in dismay

I beseeched the blooming hot prospect

Once deemed to be perfect

Only if a restart could be sought

Maybe a re-entrance I thought,

Into this stage called adulthood

Chances to make the right choices

The choice to take the few chances

Dear you, the past can’t be dwelled upon

But the past could be used as a weapon

To conflict wrong choices in the future

Which is a never ending stage until

‘Tis deemed as the end

-Prince Isy

Life’s Purpose

Starting from THE END

‘Tis the beginning of a path down life

A path thought to be wide yet narrow

The imaginations therein so wild

A taunting question here is

What really is my purpose?

I’m not so sure but let’s see

Is it to impress the dark empress

That exists in my imaginary kingdom

Chasing life’s endless riches from dusk till dawn

Fastening my seatbelt of greed

Racing down the immoral and selfish gridSimply trying to be them

While I could be me and still beat them


The obvious remedy here is a quick recap of my purposeGetting my life together and placing the cap of truth on it

More like a rebirth of my journey, a baptism of my purpose here on earth

A return home to the reason I was birthed

-Prince Isy

Realising who you are

We are what we think the world sees in us

Its our thoughts of their view about us

If otherwise

We know not who we really are

Our rational thoughts about people’s perspectives of us links up with our attributes

We are defined by the characteristics we exude to the world

Only when it comes to our awareness of thoughts that aren’t ours

Then we have realised who we are

First blog post

This is me sharing with you guys my various thoughts. I’ve got a rational mind that rarely sleeps and travels far beyond what I can handle most times.

So I’ve simply created this blog to share with my friends things that will be useful definitely in all areas I’m capable of mostly based around LOVE, FAMILY and GOD.

Please feel free to critique and for growth you could share with other people

I hope to interest you always.

Yours Truly